Thursday, September 22, 2011

Grasshopper thoughts

I have not been hibernating. Trust me.
On the contrary so much has been happening in life, my life, our life that I am at loss of what to write about.
Should I write about incredible Canada, where every corner I look shows me a family from a country so far away?
Should I write about our travels, our recent road trip to Alaska which has changed me unlike any other road trip?
Should I write about Munira, S's pre-school teacher, who goes to India to volunteer with organizations & sets up montessori schools there?
Should I write about how S is teaching me every single day to be a mother?
Should I write about how grateful I've been feeling about my parents lately for they allowed me to be ... just me?
Should I write about the joy I have when I see my school? How so many emotions are tied up with that second home?

I could pour my heart out & still barely scratch the surface. I feel blessed. To have all these people in my life, I currently have.