Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Count your blessings

My Guru always reminds to count my blessings.
In the same context, he says,"The wheel that makes the most noise, gets replaced first. So stop Whining!"
How true!

Today, the Sun has come out after probably more than a week.
Trust me, it is a blessing.

How many times I whine for getting caught in traffic?
Well, now, I see it as quality time hearing music & checking out other cars.

How many times I've complained that it is too hot?
Now, I think of days when I don't see the Sun :-)

How many times I've complained about too much crowd?
Now, I think of times when I've not had many people around, specially my family.

How many times I've complained about halting my career to get married & come 20000 miles away to a new land?
Now, how many people get married at the right age, to the right person get to live happily ever after, without having to sacrifice your family?

When things don't happen as per our plans, it probably means there is a better plan.
Everything happens for a reason & that reason not necessarily is known at the time things happen. So many people don't have what we do.
So, today, I thank Existence for giving me shoes to cover my legs!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Rush Hour 3

We've been watching so many movies lately & the latest one is Rush Hour 3. I was leaning on comedy more & the movie did not disappoint me. Tucker is funny as hell! Chan is getting old! But he is still a Ninja.
I cannot rate it as a must-see or a don't-see, but it is a good time pass.

I am running over old collections of Tamil movies from the library. Thillana Mohanambal is next on the list :-) If only I could get a glue that could make hubby sit through this one!!!! ufff

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

blah blah

For the past couple of months, different things are happening in my life that makes me live in the "now"!
Sometimes, it is so easy to let go of things. Other times, when I see dear ones sick or affected, my heart reaches out to them. Why do they have to suffer?
Someone I talked to yesterday told me, "It is their KARMA. What else can you blame it on?"
I don't know if I want to believe in it.

Why are so many people falling sick?
Why do so many people die in a way you would not want your worst of enemies to suffer?

I agree. The only certain thing in life is Death. But why can't everyone die peacefully?
I understand "why" is out of my ignorance. May be I will get an answer some day. But it is really troubling.
So many people suffer with so many things & I sometimes fight for things immaterial.
Life is full of lessons & realizations.
May enlightment dawn upon me!
All this on the day of Pongal.
Thai piranthal vazhi pirakum!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Fanatics in the name of Patriots

This happened a few days ago. I am a travel blogger too & read others' public journals, well at least from a few specific people.
So, there is this lady who is traveling around the world. She is a Westerner. India happened to be one of the stops in her life's journey. Now, I cannot imagine to travel without a plan in place, without making proper arrangements for food etc. So, obviously, I adore people who do all that.
Anyways, coming back to the point, she travels alone & makes friends everywhere. She has recently traveled to Calcutta(or whatever it has changed to now) & has posted pictures of the streets, roads, people AS IT IS!!! Now, we all know how the streets of Calcutta can look to us.
I love Calcutta. I have stunning memories from the city. The city is dirty, polluted & over-populated, but it has flavor.
This lady has mentioned this too! Well, it is her blog & she has the right to write what she feels like.
Below there, I see a comment from

A patriotic Indian
who writes

This is not the way to portray Kolkata.You have shown Kolkata in bad light and have insulted India.Remember that the cultural heritage of Kolkata is way beyond your dreams............and your imagination(i.e. if you have it)

Calling dirty as dirty is insult? I have no idea what is so patriotic about this Indian. If you feel so much about what a traveler feels about your city, go do something about it instead of just talking. This foreigner volunteered at Mother Teresa's institution, for God's sake!!!

India is full of fanatics. When I am a fanatic, I close my eyes & ears to everything that goes on around me. The last thing India needs is another fanatic. We already have a truckload of such people in every street.

Its time we all stopped being just talkers!!!

Let us first be good humans then talk about being patriotic to a country.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Letting go

Every year has special memories attached to it. 2007 is no exception.
Lots of events, lots of new people, lots of travel, lots of food...2007 has seen it all.
Together with 2007, I let go of my anger, sadness & fear.
With the dawn of 2008 dawns new hopes, happiness, the need to feel happy every moment.
I generally do not believe in New year resolutions. But this time, I realized one thing.
If I cannot be happy here and now, I cannot be happy anywhere anytime.
So, as my Guru says, let there be more bugging :-)

2007 is definitely very special in a lot of ways. We traveled to places we did not expect.
-Two weeks in Alaska was definitely an eye-opening experience. It was a penance, I would say.
-Got back in touch with a lot of friends from school, thanks to Orkut.
-Started some soul-searching. Still going strong!
-Stopped believing in justification.
-Everything happens for a reason. Just because you don't know it yet, doesn't mean there is no reason.
-Theoretical fear about Global warming has been put to effective execution. I believe in "going green". I try to follow it as much as I can. Trying to motivate others who come in close contacts too.
-Becoming more spiritual; Less religious. Stagnant at the traditional level.
-Love for Amma is growing more & more with every passing day.
-God Exists!!! My Mother is my living God.