Monday, October 31, 2011


Woke up to snow this morning. :)
First snow of the season. Made all of us smile, specially S. S wanted to dress up warm & go out to play in the snow to make snow balls, but it melted away by then.
Then it became sunny.
On the way to pick up S from school, from nowhere I saw a weird shape of a cloud. I was really wondering what would this cloud bring. In less than a minute, HAIL...where I was. but 1 km away the sun was shining bright.
I love this lovable city. The top reason for the love is the city's unpredictable weather.
Can't really say Winter is here. Can't say it is not here as well.
Weird. But every bit beautiful. :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Deepavali

One of those flashy thought days!!!
Today: Deepavali.
When did I grow up? When did I learn to cook?
When did I know how to take care of a kid? When did I outgrow being around my mother?
When did I stop wanting to be taken care of like a kid?

Seems like yesterday, Amma was braiding my hair. Today, I am combing S's hair to grab a pony.
Seems like yesterday, I was holding Amma's hands wherever I went. Today, I am running behind S to hold my hand. :)
Seems like yesterday I heard Appa say, "Wow! You make us feel like we have 4 people in this house". Today, I enjoy the quietness when S goes to sleep.
Seems like yesterday, Amma would kiss me through the night as I would not allow her to do it in public. Today, S smiles & kisses me when she wakes up.

Seems like yesterday, I would compel Amma to watch a movie with me. (she would not wish it, but still watch it with me). Today, S forces me to do the same. I feel like Amma. But still do it sometimes.
Definitely yesterday, when I was sick & won't allow Amma to do any work(but be with me & talk to me). Today, S definitely does the same (only when she is sick:))

Wow! History repeats itself. Do I wish I realized it when the whole world around me was shouting it in my ears all along?
Naaaaaaa.....Don't think so. :)

P.S: Made some delicacies for the kids at S's school. They celebrate the festivals of the world. Probably took me for a spiral ride in flash back being in the giving side now.

seasons change

It interests me to realize how much I can settle down.
Being so high in latitude, 4000 ft abv sea level and so close to the Rockies...yet I expected somewhere for the Summer to last(not forever, at least a little longer). Well! at least Fall.

The weather over the last few days have been so alarmingly different through the day. Two days ago when G mentioned that the low was -4C, I was like, "WHAT???" Seems like I was in la-la land all along.
Seriously, when did Fall fall away?

Six months of grrr weather ahead. It gives me the chill just thinking of it. I honestly forgot how cold it gets. How cold does it feel!!!
No Calgarian is (probably) prepared or ready to welcome it. But it comes. When it has to. :)
Today was a different day(like every single day). As I was driving S to her school, I saw the weather change. It wasn't subtle anymore. I smiled. It was beautiful. How nature has its ways of waking me to reality?
I am in no way prepared to think of the next few months. But in all humility, I can say that it brings a smile on my face to see a snowstorm(from the insides of a warm home). Many many days where I will feel grateful for all I have so I can smile when I see the white world outside.
Truly humbling!

P.S: It is going to be a challenge to drive S to her school everyday, but we'll see. :)