Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Blessed weekend

Swamiji(Swami Sukhabodhananda) was here in the bay area, last weekend & what a presence he made!

Honestly, I've never heard of Shiva sutras before. Swamiji beautifully unfolded the truth, of course in his own, humurous style. His famous Mulla Nazrudin jokes & the importance he lays on understanding things, rather than blindly follow them may seem unorthodox to many people. But once you get out of your barrier & start trying to see what we are all seeing, the truth is mystical.
I am at loss of words to explain what he covered in his 2 day discourse. I should buy the VCD to have it all sink in what-Swamiji-calls "Uttar Pradesh". :-)
If the discourses on Aug 24 & 25 amazed people, another bunch of us considered nothing short of blessed to attend his Relationship Matrix workshop on Sunday, Aug 26th.
I am sure of others too, but I roared with laughter. Swamiji is so funny. For all those who missed the workshop, there's always another one. You can always attend one when you visit India.

There was a whole bunch of crowd & the event was a huge success that we, the organizers, are totally motivated to have him come back soon. I hope Swamiji knows that he has a relatively small family back here in bay area & are trying hard to bind him to samsara(jus' kiddin', Swamiji!!)

Thanks to Shakila & all others who made this experience possible.
He should probably know this by now, but Swamiji is a blessed soul!

Hari Om!
Memories from the events

Friday, August 24, 2007


Madras le, Summer le RAIN!!! I am yet to recover from that shock. And now this.
God! What else is going to change before I go back to India?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Orthodox paradox

Being Orthodox is very personal, meaning it works to personal convenience.
Some people claim to be very orthodox, but having come to US are unable to maintain all that. So, if you are a NRI, you escape, but if you are in India, consider yourself tortured, eh!

A couple days ago, I happened to meet an aged friend, who belongs to a very orthodox tamil brahmin community. OR so she said. She constantly found something from my family's practices & contradicted it as to why they don't follow that & how different (& extremely madi they were). Well, I assume that I am unorthodoxy(traditional to an extent, but unorthodox). I did not want to start an argument for the simple reason, I had no intentions of changing her or her ways.
She had every reason to feel her way & I had every reason to feel mine.
But sometimes, I wonder. In this "community" or "caste" race, do we drop our humane somewhere?

Often in concentrating on the bug picture, do we lose the small things that matter most? OR is it the other way round? We concentrate on small things so much that we forget the big picture?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Take flight

It is nice to see someone from your own country once in a while. When you are in California, it happens more than once. Well, here's the deal! If they don't smile at you, be happy. If they do, it means they are in for a catch. No prize for the right guess-Amway!!!
I cannot believe that after so many years, we can still not evade such people.
A guy(R), just walked by at Albertsons late saturday night while we were walking out. He smiled at my husband. My husband did look baffled, confused & everything in that order. R was trying all possible ways to recollect from where hubby looked familiar. Poor hubby was tired after a long day & least interested in talking. A minute later, R thrusts his v card into hubby's palm & forcefully gets our phone#. Poor hubby gave the correct #. R works for Google, so he would not use a cheap Amway trick-says hubby. Right the next day, R calls in to talk to hubby.
We had visitors & dropped the call very courteously. If he calls in again, I doubt if the courtesy will remain.

Fellow Indians! Pls spare us. We don't want to look at every desi with doubtful eyes.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bollywood stars

Arasan andru kolvan. Deivam ninru kollum.

I am not sure that I agree or disagree with the sentence, but I have sympathy towards this star. He has gone through hell in his personal life. Apparently, Hell is not enough!
The delay in Munnabhai 3 is a shame though.
Not too far, but a selected few stars are in line too!
"Producers, be ware!"