Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some of you may know that mine is a travel family. (Wish I could say "Nomadic")
I blog my travels. I follow other's journals as well. Some, very closely.
Here is a man whose feet has touched all the SEVEN continents. The reason I upper case SEVEN is, yes! He has been to the Seventh continent as well-Antartica.

And here we worry about who is the next President of America or who is going to buy cable TV in Chennai. ugh...People! *sigh*
What comes free & easy?

Just because you, me or anyone is experienced with something, we dive in & assume that we have the right to donate barrels of advice to anyone new at something.
Wish we could just let them just be.
Wish we could assume that they will eventually figure it out(it is their life, after all)
Wish we could realize that we also learnt from our mistakes.
Wish we could just shut up our mouths, & like the kids say, chatti pana kavuth.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Flickering moments

Hmm. I feel a million things. Mostly in the likes of "happiness". But ever since I became a Mother, I've been finding less time to note them down. May be because I seldom write it down, sometimes, it's like I never felt it at all. Makes sense? Probably not to you when you read. Probably not, when I read it some years from now. But I feel them all now. It is so overwhelming.

Life has become so dynamic. Everyday is a new day. I feel things I've never felt before. I never knew I'd feel them so. It just makes me smile. Wow!

I remember reading somewhere:
Don't worry about losing sleep once you have a baby. Enjoy every waking moment.

My baby has sure taught me how to be happy.