Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why did I get married?

Why do we all get married?
I do not want to generalize things here, though.

1. Definitely not to pick on my husband at every oppurtunity.
2. Not to complain that he is not the right person for me.
3. Not to nag about his entire family.
4. Not because my mother wanted me to.
5. Definitely not because I wanted to cook.
6. Not because I wanted to quit my job, leave my parents & come to the US.

Coming to think of it, I doubt if I thought of so many things before I got married.

But now that I am, I think I can give a couple of reasons why I enjoy 'being married'.

1. To begin a loving family.
2. To grow in love together.
3. To understand.
4. To laugh.
5. To play.
6. To hike together.
7. To learn from each other.
8. To hold hands in silence when things go wrong.
9. In many instances, to just be 'for' each other.

When you are on your own & fumble on certain things, a loving voice to say, "its okay, hon" goes a long way. I am so glad 'that' life did not stop with just my parents :-)

Reason for this post: I was listening to a KGO radio talk show while driving to SF today & the topic for the day was 'death & how to cope with it'. That's when a caller shared her thoughts. We all do not know how long we are going to stay around. So, why not make sure we remember to tell people we love them & they mean so much to us? In the long run, we tend to remember the good things than the melancholy.
I echo my father's words, "respect/love people when they are around rather than give respects after their death".

So, this post is for dear hubby. If I have not told you how much I appreciate you & how much I love to be with you, I am sorry, I do NOW. I thank God for 'you'. I would not call our marriage a 'fairytale', but you do treat me like a queen...just as you promised.

Looking back at my life, I would not want to change anything. How lucky am I to say that until now :-) God is generous with me.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Gone in a flash

I walk to the ocean. I smell the salt humid air. I breathe!
The air brushes across my face attempting an air-painting! The Sun is setting into the Pacific. I see: a couple enjoying the setting Sun from their chair looking out for the ocean; a couple trying to get their feet wet in the cold waters; kids showing-off their sand castles to their parents; a family playing 'fetch' with their dog.. The air is cold! In a few moments, the Sun will be gone for the day & fill the sky with twinkling stars for the romance to stay!
I, like a million others, am witnessing all of this with a cup of hot chocolate & my hubby. That makes my day.

I close my eyes & all this is just a flash. It has been a while since I've done all that. Miss it so much!
Maybe, its "Nature's call"!

Sometimes, I forget to remind myself to live every moment. When everything seems to go wrong, there is this hope, this tiny happiness that sparks your day!
All this, just around the corner. Just take a turn around!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Bada bejara keedu pa

I saw some recent Tamil movies over the weekend & I just could not sit there & watch it in full.
Right from Rajini's sunglass, cigarettes style to Vijay's total makeover of the superstar, only the years have passed. The same flour being grinded again & again(& again & again...)
I've often heard people say, "When you watch Rajini's movies, you will have to keep your logic outside the theatre". My question is, "apdiyavathu atha pakanuma?"[*kothikirathu ratham, athai adaku, adaku engirathu meesai*]
All Indians who watch these movies think themselves to be a superstar when they walk around Spencers until a local Karupayee says, " ayye, moonjiya munna pinna kannadila pathirukiya? Vanthutan kadala poda".
Kashta kalam!
I was so glad that Bharathiraaja is not active into movies anymore, but last time I went to India, he was on almost all "Vizha's". Don't tell me he is going to get into politics!!![*wits end*]

When I was a kid & used to watch all those "good cop vs bad guys" movies by Sarath Kumar or Vijaykanth, I used to wish & hope that there was someone like that in real life.

If a good movie is given to us, won't we appreciate it?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Warm & Welcoming

I am done with 2 loads of laundry now(huge load due to laziness). I could not help myself from lying down on those dried warm clothes. I used to do that every saturday(Amma's saree preferable) when I was a kid(other days got school). However hot Chennai got, freshly warm dry clothes really make a good bed.
When you are from a tropical place, it stays with you for ever.

I don't know if I am sounding really out-of-the-ordinary here. Is it only me having fairy tale days or do others do it too?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

google's googly

My friend told me about this. He knew it from a friend who picked it from a blog :)
But check this out; Its real fun.

Just go to Google maps & try to find directions from New York, NY to London, England.
Go down to step 23. What does it say to you? Think you can do it?

Google is ever so thoughtful!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Peaceful warrior

I got free tickets to this movie & we were not sure if we would make it within this weekend. But we found time & we got to watch it at a nearby theatre. I loved the movie. Very inspirational!
It reminded some ordinary & important things in life.

"People who are the hardest to love, need it the most" - this is from the movie & it brought a smile on my face whenever it was used on the screen.

"Happiness is in the journey & not the destination."

"Nothing remains the same forever; So enjoy the now."

Dan: Where are you?
Soc: Here.

Dan: What time is it?
Soc: Now.

Dan: What are you doing?
Soc: This.

So many of us think about yesterday or tomorrow that we forget the 'now'. By focusing on what we do now & not thinking about what others may think or feel about you, its surprising 'how much' we can do.

I later got to know that the movie was inspired from a book by Dan Millman. That would be my next read.
Wikipedia brought this up about Dan Millman.

Free tickets to a good movie! Not a bad itinerary for a Spring Sunday, is it?