Thursday, June 17, 2010

The day has come

when I am really happy. For my Mother mostly, but also for so many things untellable.
Amma has just returned from Isha Yoga Center for an advanced program & she has been raving ever since she got back yesterday.

Amma did her Inner Engineering 3 months ago. She has been regular with her practices. And in just 2 months time, the family doctor has reduced her sugar medication to almost nil. While I wait for the day it actually becomes NIL, I am so relieved, satisfied & grateful that this has happened. She has also dropped all other medications that she was on.
She has been peaceful, energetic & happy for no reason apparently & I can definitely see a big change in her. And the way I am sharing things with her, I told her that I've never felt so close to her, ever. And it means a lot to say this when she is 60.

But yesterday, when she was sharing her visit to the Ashram, my heart just wanted to be there. How privileged are some people!
Amma has an extremely low tolerance to cleanliness. If she says, "Clean" it should be really clean. And the way she was describing how "clean" and "organized" the entire Ashram was, I was a little stunned and very happy.
I would ideally call my mother extremely logical & practical but she is also open to anything unknown. She knows that she does not know many things & has no problem in accepting it or trying to learn something new.

I should mention that I specifically told her not to take up the IE program for some reasons. But she registered(after the exposure she had with me & G) & then told me. And then she said, that's it. Nothing higher. She was happy. But one day, she volunteered for a similar program & she told me that she was doing her BSP. She was very determined about it & I could not be happier.

It has been over a year that I stopped believing and turned away from the so called English medicines. My experiences with Isha only reinstate that belief. While I don't know what Yoga does to my body & mind, I realize that it is something way more powerful than I can even imagine. Maybe I'll know some day, or may be I won't. It doesn't matter, really.
Good health is only a side effect, says Sadhguru. If the side effect is so unbelievable & truly amazing, I can only imagine the magnitude the main effect.

Frankly I am not sure if I am jealous or happy for Amma. She has done the program I've always been wanting to do & it has not fallen into place yet(for me). It is a mixed feeling, but mostly happy!


Anupama said...


The medicines part - soooo true!!!

A.J.Anto said...


Mouli said...

nice to hear this

Rasam said...

Hi, Thanks for the link Anto. A very surprising revealing post for me. Am so happy for you, "As I like it" (don't know your name). Every word you have written about your profile is me, I have never felt myself defined so clearly. Also am trying to convince my mom to take a lesson she underwent bypass recently and has sugar. I am looking fwd for a day like this for my mom. Thanks for the hope and good luck in your search!

Deepak said...


My mother did her 7 day program (IE equivalent), but I don't think she is fit enough (even if she is, to get her to think that she is!) to do BSP.
I am however trying to get her to do the Isha Rejuvenation program. Baby steps.

Happy for your mother - she's now overtaken you :)

Radha said...

Happy to read this. Came here through Deepak's blog, nice to know you (In cyber space, we don't get to say "nice to meet you", do we?:) )

As I Like it said...

Thanks guys.
Rasam: All the very best.
Deepak: I am planning on attending one myself.
Radha: I've been following you & Deepak for a while now. May be we'll meet soon. :)

Ramsi said...

Awesome :)

Praveen.Isha said...

Felt happy for you and your mom. She is fortunate to take the path.

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