Monday, June 25, 2007


I am sitting in the airport now, ready(or probably not) to go home.
What a trip! What an experience! I met a whole bunch of people whom I've never met in my entire life.
I ended up doing all that I planned, a little that I did not plan. All turned out for the good.
I really don't know if my mind is heavy with 2 weeks of vacation or light with the relief that I've landed in Alaska. It surely is a great land! The people are amazing too!
Well, I am dozing off right now. Sleepy flight home :-(

Sunday, June 17, 2007

All are one

Today is a continuation of my life-changing experience in Alaska. I met so many animals & so many different people. Interestingly, most of the people I met have been to India. And all of them love the place. I even wrote "Vanakkam" in tamil in one of the homes. Travellers are so open & practical. No airs. Its probably the travel that made them so. I, so long, a learner.

And yeah! I was an instrument in murdering close to a million bugs :(
Part of life!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Thought splash

I am on the road now & have opened my thinking cap, probably.

"Innikenna kelame naalaikenna kelame
Ada naalpaathu naalpathu thunggathedaa
Ponaa thirumbathudaa vaalke perumbaaduda"

Sivakasi sonna correct a thaane irukum :-)

This road trip has been intimidating my ego so far. I have experienced so much that made me realize that we are not on the top of the food chain. Some things exist, they cannot be possessed. ALASKA is a living example.

Keeping my arms open to embrace what the day offers!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Why do we blog?

Just a random thought crossed my mind while I was entering Walmart this morning(don't bother about that; my mind thinks of a million things at the least expected times).
Why do I blog? Why do people blog?
Interestingly, I came up with these options.
1. I have a lot to say & nobody to hear.
2. I observe a lot that is cool to pen down.
3. I want to hear other's views on what I feel & write.
4. Just a hobby.
5. Lots of time to kill.
6. Everyone has a blog these days.
7. When I read other's blog or write my own, I think a lot. In the process of writing, I end up observing even more of what is happening around me.

Just WOL! (Wondering Out Loud)