Friday, February 29, 2008

I Smile

It is surprising how things happen happily when you keep worrying about how to go about it.
I don't know if it is God or Destiny or simply put, Existence.
My dad calls it Nature!
Whatever be it, good things happen to all people! Sometimes, we just take it for granted. We don't notice the small things.
When I finally get around to noticing these small things, I cannot help but realize that I did nothing, but to be concerned as to
Why things don't go the way I wanted it?
Because, there is something better in store for me!

What we plan for ourselves is not necessarily the best for us.
Time to notice the small things in life!
I can do nothing, but :-) at the intelligence that has dawned upon me.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Circus! for the adults

A good deal found me & better half at San Jose's Under the Grand Chapiteau at Taylor's Bridge.
Reason: Valentine's day!
Cirque du soleil is a team from Montreal that is one of the most popular shows in Vegas. They are in bay area until March.
The tickets are pricey, I would say. Nevertheless, worth every penny! Seriously. A 2 hr 30 min show of complete entertainment.
Surprisingly, I did not see any kids(unlike the traditional back-home template). On second thoughts, it was well that way. The live band produces way too much sound for a kid to handle.

It was a cold, unusually-windy night, but the hall was full!
No animals on the show, but amazing acrobatics!
Worth a visit, I would say!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The topic of discussion last saturday was Marriage.
The 1st comment was Marriage can be a great teaching or a curse.
The 2nd, Marriage is a great accident or a sweet incident.

Most of us questioned how marriage can be a great accident? Isn't it a series of accidents?
If a man/woman is prepared for Marriage, it would be a sweet incident?
But are any of us prepared before a marriage? We are not even ready for a wedding until the day dawns!

The joint consensus was
If you can let go of your personality(EGO) & be open to take in & embrace the other person as a whole(the pluses & minuses), then, you change the great accident to a sweet incident.
How feasible is this?
Sounds Crazy!
Well, can't we give it a try? After all, marriage requires constant nurturing.
Nothing is impossible with the mind.

Though the relationship involves 2 people, how one person reacts pretty much decides how the other person will take it & react back. So, throwing apart the fact that marriage requires both parties to co-operate & talk together, I think we can avoid many things by not reacting(specially, immediately!!!). Now, that is difficult too! But no pains, no gains!
The topic was an eye-opener unto any relationship!
So, here I am, making the mark, so that I do not forget this in future.