Monday, June 08, 2015

Other than the flags, is there anything different in the L side of the photo vs the R side?
When you look up from an airplane, doesn't it all seem to flow just fine?
Unless humans distort the land, the land seems just fine.

There have been many a flight journey where I have wondered which country I am flying over now? They all look beautiful and in a rhythm and pattern.
I have heard someone say that a few centuries ago, there weren't so many countries. There wasn't any need.
Bringing order and nurturing the cultural aspects are necessary but it has gone overboard when people die holding their nations flag. When things we create go out of proportion, it seems our responsibility to put things back in perspective. 

It is a beautiful feeling to look down the window of an airplane and wonder at the power, benevolence and magnitude of Nature. 
As this video mentions, we need Nature. Its not the other way around. About time we realize our spot in Space!!!