Friday, March 06, 2009

India needs more people with a mission

"However being here, it is ever-so-clear that India is desperate for more people with a mission in mind. The country sorely needs to restructure its education system. The environmental situation here is dire- in our opinion, un-recoverable. The health care system is awful, child labor is still permitted, millions of people are homeless or live in tent cities. Clean water only comes in bottles which are far too costly for the locals to purchase. AIDS, leprosy, and Tuberculosis are as common as a cold. Yes, India certainly needs more people with a mission."

taken from here.

If these people want a better India, shouldn't we?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I had a walk, a good walk I had

I had a 11.45 appointment. After that, I fed little S her veggies. She had her yogurt & we went for a walk. The weather was gloomy. But I seldom expected her to go to sleep. But then, what is in your hand? So, not having the heart to wake her & hoping it would be a short nap, I started to walk. The weather seemed pleasant to me. Why waste it? I should've covered a mile or so when I saw a big board that read "Sidewalk closed". But there was space & I squeezed in. But a couple yards later, I see the same sign. But no space to squeeze through. I was going for a walk. Where I walk hardly mattered. So, I made a U turn & started walking in another direction. I heard someone whistle or someone holler. I looked back & an elderly worker signalled me to come right ahead. So, I turned back. He took out every cone that was blocking the way so that my stroller could pass right through.
I did thank every guy out there for letting me through. But they didn't have to. They were in the middle of something.
This elderly worker got a "Oh! how sweet of you" from me. He retorted back, "Oh. Thank you. It's a wonderful day now"
That kind of kindness is something you don't come across everyday. If you do, you are blessed.
Let's pass som kindness along, shall we?

Life after

Hubby lost his thatha recently. Hubby had high regards for him since childhood. He still remembers the walk-to-the-beach they had when he was in kindergarten.
I was not fortunate enough to know him well.
But when I was putting the little one to sleep last night, I was wondering where has thatha gone?
In other words, what happens after our life here?
Just thinking, you know....
So happens. Hubby comes home. And he shares similar thoughts.

And it also means to me...our life comes to and end "without notice". Thatha slept last night. Did not wake up.
I mean, there are so many people close to us. How many people are we ready to give up?
Well, me not ready to lose some people at all. But then, who am I to decide?

Life is just that.