Monday, October 26, 2009

Isha Yoga

Though I knew it, one of our family brought it to light that it has been a long time I posted here.
I'd love to say that the last few weeks were pretty hectic & I just couldn't find time to write something here. Not so! The last few weeks have been totally different. I've had the time to do so many things that were in my "to do" list for a long time. Thanks to better management of time & sleep. The secret: a seven day yoga program.
A very close friend forced me to join this course. I was hesitant & skeptical. I was not sure I was up for the 30 min twice a day commitment(40 days). I have a toddler & I really toggle between her & other work at home already. Plus what big change would come?
But somehow, I registered for this class. Since I read somewhere that they give discount for married couples, I brought G in too(though the main reason would be to make sure I get through the 40 days).
From the day I registered till the 1st day at class, this was the place I was most of the time. I checked out all their videos on Youtube. This person, Jaggi Vasudev, has his headquarters in Coimbatore. He speaks impeccable English, is seen in a very pretty outfit, wears Jeans & sunglasses & he calls himself a mystic(well! people call him that too).
No need to mention that I was extremely intrigued by what I saw & was totally excited the first day of class.
Btw, the program is Inner Engineering. And it happened in Bay area, not too far from home.
So, on September 9th I enter India Community Center. The place is buzzing. People dropping off kids for classes, some parents picking up kids from daycare, an indoor Dosa place catering to people's appetite & so many other things.
I look up Isha Yoga signs & get into this hall. I was aghast. The place was in total SILENCE. Extremely organized! Even the shoes were in order. The Volunteers looked to me like they were from outer space. They did not talk. They only whispered. Registration, payment, forms filling...everything was in silence. You ask them a question, they lovingly whisper the answer. For a person who talks a lot, I was totally put to shame.

I enter the hall & a lovely meditation music was going on. It made me rock(in peace) for the little while I was there. So, when I opened my eyes, the teacher was in front of the mic. She was neither Indian nor American. I should say I was getting excited. What is this? Actually, what IS this?

What went on for the next seven days is history. My history! As I do not plan on living like that anymore. At the end of seven days, I left the place as a confused living being. The question, "Who am I?" was touched in the class but they did not give an answer. Sadhguru said he could say something, but it is a fairy tale until I experience it for myself. Hmm. Makes total sense to me.

I should say seven days flew by. In fact something in me wished it was a 10 day program. Meaning to say, I cannot thank my friend enough for making me attend this course. And ever thanks to my mother who took care of our toddler while we were at the class.

The day after class was the first of our 40 days. We had to do the Shambhavi Maha Mudra twice a day for 40 days. The process takes roughly 30 minutes including the preparatory asanas.

I wanted a discipline & I got it. So, I did not think much would come from it. But I did it. The first 2-3 weeks nothing much happened, except that I was able to sit it one place for 30-35 minutes without my leg getting numb & my spine erect. For a person with back pain, that is something. And my sleep quote reduced dramatically. Say 5 hrs of sleep & I would not complain. In fact I would wake up with full of life. G noticed this as well.

But by the 3rd week, I began to notice something. I had not gotten angry in a long time. I was able to handle my daughter with so much love. The 'thing' in me that would get irritated when she would refuse to sleep "when I want" was not there anymore. And my daughter seemed to understand "that" something was missing & she did sleep on time.
I was able to handle things much more efficiently & I was active throughout the day. Never once did I feel drowsy or sleepy.
I am able to live life with my daughter every moment. I am able to notice every plane that flies above my home. I am not merely existing anymore. I feel alive.

It is almost 40 days now, but I plan to continue doing Shambhavi twice a day. I don't know what it does, but I am sure a day will not be the same without it.
I have enrolled in an advance program next month which is going to take 45 minutes(twice a day) for 40 days. That's a lot, time-wise. But I am sure I want to.

My sleep quota has reduced, but when I sleep, I have a very deep sleep. I no longer turn this side or that. I am full of positive energy & have started believing in Karma. My back pain has reduced drastically(read I cancelled my appointment with my doc), though it is not gone yet. But hey, it is a lot for just 40 days of practice. Some friends mentioned that they have quit eating meat.
And did I mention I lost 6 lbs in these 40 days? I am heading back to my pre-pregnancy weight & I feel so much lighter already.

I had my share of being a 'believer' , 'atheist' , 'neither of the two' , ...somewhat uncomfortable labeling myself. Now, I feel very safe labeling myself as a "seeker". I do not know so many things. I am not ready to believe anything on its face value, just because someone tells me but I am ready to search. I even know where to search. How cool is that?

In the last 40 days, I even had a chance to volunteer for a similar program & was astounded to see how these people prepare food. Of course, they prepare uncooked delicious food, but they "chant" while they cook. Since when did cooking food become so wonderful? I felt so gifted to even eat that food.
I am not sure if I am a part of a cult. I have not met Sadhguru in person. I am not sure whatever I am feeling now is THE truth, but I am not worried about it anymore. I will see where I land from here.

Sadhguru says that a Guru finds his disciple. I don't even know if he is my Guru, but if you are a seeker like me, please attend the free 1 hr session. You don't even have the obligation to join the class. It is life-changing!
If not anything, please do consider donating your time or money to this organization. Looks like they really would put it to good use with their rural rejuvenation projects.


A.J.Anto said...

Very eloquent post! Glad you made it for the 40 days...
All the best for everything...

Ramsi said...

Wow Meera...that's a wonderful post.

Anupama said...

Came here from ishas.blogspot
Thanks for sharing and very well written!

Anand said...

Meera, thank you for this wonderful post. I am happy for you :-)

Shyamala said...

Hey meera this is a very enlightening post. After reading your post i did visit the site and also heard/saw sadguru's thoughts in you tube and should say found it extremely useful.

Thanks very much... v good
glad you got to experience something really good!!!

Shyamala said...


I did attend the Inner engineering program after reading your post. I cannot thank you enough for this post. I am very keen to do my 40 days of Shambavi. I am also curious to take up the advance program as well.

I 100% agree with you with respect to the food and the complete way the whole thing was organised ...

Once again a huge thankyou for you... happiness always

Becky said...

Thanks for this post.

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Anonymous said...
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James said...

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Narendrakumar Bakthavatchalam said...

I've completed my 40th day yesterday.. Took the session directly from Sadhguru at Delhi on 18th-20th JAN 2013. I'm suffering from Graves Disease.. For those of you who don't know what Graves' is.. My metabolism & heart rate is high because of the disease. I used to be very humorous person.. But this disease flipped me around.. But after the session I feel that I'm almost back.. :) :) My hands don't tremble anymore.. I don't get angry.. This program has no philosophies but only science.. I don't eat Meat now by choice (NOTE : They never told eating Meat is wrong).. I skip my dinner every week on Wednesday and a rural kid is getting education in the cost of that meal.. If so many Beautiful things can be added to my life in just 40 days.. What next !!! Can't wait :) :) I welcome people to watch the ongoing Yaksha celebration if interested ..

Anonymous said...

The Inner engineering program (shambavi mahamudra) is the basic of the sadhanas being offered by Isha, but it's enough to flip your life 360 for good.

Marut Bhardwaj said...

I attended The Inner Engineering program last week. Profound indeed. I have had the most amazing expeirences with Shambhavi Mahamudra.

I have felt "Samvedana and Karuna" like never before. But something strange happened today. My dog Snoopy, came and started licking my face, as I was practicing the last few minutes of SM. He was making sounds in his throat, like trying to talk to me, tapping my arm....and then he climbed up my shoulders with his front legs and hugged me with his head on my shoulder for good 2 minutes....and all this, while I contunued to practice the meditation.....

It made me was so different!

Neel Panchal said...

Interesting !!! Was it not the case earlier ? Normally dogs would do such things is not it ? Any other interesting experiences which you can share ?

jaimin patel said...

Hi ,
I just attended Inner Eng. almost 10 days back. I did not miss any practice after that but problem is timing , I am still not able to fix the timing for the practice due to work schedule and also we have to keep adequate breaks between practice and food. I am just practicing once a day. I still didn't felt nothing significant. Any thoughts ?

jaimin patel said...

I totally understand that it's too early to expect anything and also I know that we need to do twice a day till 40th day but just need some advise to make it better.

I believe sooner is better !

Ramya Saran said...

Hello Narendra kumar, I am having Graves' disease for 4 years by doing shambhavi shall we reduce this disease. Have you find improvement please share your experience so that it would be great help to me and others... Thanks Ramyasaravanan

Ramya Saran said...

Am expecting the reply because this is my pregnancy period am worried whether my baby could get the same though am taking medicine... So I need some suggestions friends.

Haze.... said...

Hi there! Are you still practising? I just finished my IE and all the negative reviews online have made me a bit wary. Please do let me know if you continued and the experience. thanks!

Haze.... said...

Hi there! Are you still practising? I just finished my IE and all the negative reviews online have made me a bit wary. Please do let me know if you continued and the experience. thanks!

Sattva Yoga said...

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Maulik Shah said...

I Just finished IE Total last weekend and started Practicing Shambhavi twice a day. I had wonderful experience during Kriya initiation on last day - vibration followed by peace and very pleasant inner state. I know I should do practice without expectation but its difficult for mind to not looking for any benefit. In mearly 2 days of practice I am seeing something within me getting calm and calm every moment and driving me to experience higher dimension. Since last two days I had a deep sleep as some has mentioned earlier and waking up early very fresh. I hardly feel any tiredness in me throughout the day. I know it's too early to expect anything, but I am enjoying Kriya every day now. I am really grateful to Sadguru and teacher who helped me to show this path. If you get a chance please try to experience with faith,surrender yourself and show sincere commitment,rest leave on Sadguru and Shambhavi , they both know what best for us.

lalit pal said...

I always try tp complete my mandala but after every three four days i miss my Daily practice. I am very sad that i could not keep my promise to complete my full mandala

Anamika said...

what a great post! It is 2018 and I just completed the Inner Engineering program with Sadhguru. I have always just thought of myself as "spiritual" and by that I mean I trust the Universe. But I have to say I was both skeptical and a believer combined through the 7 days of online courses and then 2 days with Sadhguru. I still don't know if I am a believer and it is only day 3 of my Shambhavi practice (so I still can't flutter my breath or do all the postures right) but some kind of spiritual force is keeping my committed. I cannot wait to feel the feelings of spiritual awakening. Somehow through everything the only one thing I am totally sure of is that I am fully committed (which is something I never say!).

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