Thursday, May 28, 2009

Encounter with an Old Indian Man

Yesterday, I was on my usual walk with the little one. Everything was as usual. Little one was being curious george, I was trying to manage her, said hi to a couple people on the road, smiled at some, crossed El Camino. Everything was as usual until now.
So, I met an old man, er, an old Indian man. Like at others, I smiled at him as he was passing by me. He returned my smile. I was to continue my way when:

Old Indian Man(OIM): Where are you from?
Me to him(MTH): Chennai.
Me to myself(MTM): uh-oh!

OIM: Oh. Chennai a? Tamizha? Where in Chennai?
MTH: I gave him the location.

OIM: Anga enga?
MTH: Gave him the exact location.

OIM: Naanga Chennai thaan. Ana settled in Bombay for 22 years.
MTH: o ho.
MTM: na ketena?

OIM: Kalyanam acha?
MTH: yes
MTM: pakathu veetu kozhanthaya stroller le thallindu varen

OIM: Evlo varsham? 2-3 years?
MTH: 5 years.

OIM: Oh. 5 yrs acha? Chinna kozhanthaya iruke, 2-3 yrs irukumonu keten.
MTH: :-)

OIM: Ponna payyana?
MTH: Ponnu

OIM: enna vayasu?
MTH: one

OIM: Adikadi India poviya?
MTH: ippo thaan poitu vanthen. Ayushomamku.

OIM: Enna Brahmin a?
MTH: mmm

OIM: Ayushomamnu solracheye kandupudichen.
MTM: romba mukkiam

OIM: Ellarum pant potukareengala, athunala theriyala.
MTH: :-)

OIM: unga veetlernthu varuvala adikadi?
MTH: yes.
MTM: Next time ava varathe vanthu pakarela?

OIM: Inga enga veedu?
MTH: Inga thaan. Pakathle.
MTM: address kudukatuma?

OIM: Husband enga work panrar?
MTH: sonen
MTM: therinju enna salary jasti vangi kuduka porela?

OIM: Nee work panriya?
MTH: Illa. Home maker thaan.

OIM: Oh. ho. Amam. kozhanthaya pathukanum le. Husband late a varuvaro?
MTH: Illa, vara samayam thaan.

OIM: Na inga thaan iruken. Usual a my sons will take me for a walk. Iniku naane kalambiten. Walk varathu nallathu thaane.

OIM: un per enna?
MTH: gave my name

OIM: Enaku 6 sisters. The last one's name is the same as yours.
MTH: :-)
MTM: ithu eppo mudiyumo

MTH: Sari, I think I will carry on. Time achu.
OIM: ok ma.

...Thirumbi pakama odi poiten...

All this in a span of less than 5 minutes. Way big a questionnaire.
I hope he got all the answers he wanted. He should've had a peaceful walk back home.

Next time, I will think 5 times before saying hi or smiling at an Old Indian Man.