Thursday, December 06, 2012

One fine morning

I have a neighbour whom I have never seen till date. All I see is meals-on-wheels dropping food for him at the door. Sometimes, there is even a note saying, "Please leave meals at the door. I am out." I may have wondered who is this person? Nothing more.

Today, as I was walking out in the morning, I saw food outside his door. Lunch. Yesterday's lunch. Still intact. I did not feel right and let the office know. She thanked me(a lot) and told me that my neighbour is a really old and sweet man(living alone). She confirmed that she'd let me know what happens.
I knew they would be busy and did not mind her not calling me to let me know if all is well.
On my way out again in the afternoon, I noticed that the food was gone! Good sign. But then one of the workers told me that they were so concerned since morning about him. They tried to knock on his door so many times. No answer! They were to call the Police to break open the door as they were not allowed to go in.
They have the keys!!!!
Crazy North American rules(&**&%&^$%)

I was a little worried. I did not know why. I hadn't even seen the man.
On my way back, the office lady stopped me. She told me that they were so busy and worried since morning. She had reached out to his daughter in Victoria and she in turn was trying to get in touch with some family member to come visit. They had tried to get in touch with the Manager. They called him many times. They knocked on his door quite a bit too.
Then he just answered the phone saying that he was just asleep. For 2 days at a stretch!!
I was so much more concerned knowing he is actually alone, and has family as close as Victoria(2 hrs via airplane)
The first thought that came to me was "Did I ever hurt him? Did I hate him?"
I wasn't okay to realize that I hadn't even seen him. Maybe I should've made an effort. I will watch closely for his door from now.
And this thought startled me.
It may not be a long standing thought or feeling, but something very worthwhile to remember every moment.
That should make me a little more pleasant to be around with!