Thursday, October 28, 2010

Does it happen only in Canada?

I get to meet a lot of people, thanks to the classes I take S to. The one thing that has not ceased to amaze me in Canada(among many other things) is the diversity amongst people. I meet 5 people & they are all from different countries. And yet, they behave like they are equally amicable. Like, yesterday, I met a lady from Pakistan. Being in India, I've never really had ill-feelings towards Pakistani's. Pakistan, maybe. But not the people. And I told her, "You and me talking like this...It can probably happen only in Canada." To my surprise, she told me that her husband is an Indian. Canadian now, but Indian origin. From Madras. That told me they haven't been home for a very long time. She did not know that Madras has moved to Chennai now:)
But seriously, all this boundaries, these limitations, who is stopping me from breaking it? After all, it is me who created it.
And these Pakistanis, they talk Hindi, so hell...I can even talk to them.
Is there any other place on Earth like Canada? I would really like to know.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Take Inner Engineering online

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Of all the things I've experienced in this life...anger, jealousy, love, affection, compassion, joy, misery, the best thing by far is Devotion. Shambho...

Monday, October 11, 2010


This is definitely a better movie-er, more like a documentary, real life story.
I saw one word, Everest on the DVD & picked it up. Turns out that this guy, Erik had climbed the Everest. If that is no big deal, which I think it is, here is more truth. He is blind.
Here is the IMDB rating.
The documentary goes about how Erik leads a team of 6 blind kids & their guardians up to the peak of Lakhpa-Ri, 23000ft, right close to Everest.
What this means to Erik & his team & how different do the Tibetans feel about this climb is potrayed very well.
Sabriye, a blind German woman runs a school, "Braille without borders" at Tibet
What she decides to do when 3 out of her 6 students had to go down the mountain at just 3000ft below the summit is mind-blowing. It feels right in every sense.
A must watch, I would say.
About Sabriye Tenberken. She is something.


This was the first time I knew so many south Indians live in this part of the world. There were only 2 shows. I have no clue how G picked up from his friend that it was happening in a downtown theatre. I don't know if I should call him a die-hard fan, but he enjoys all Rajni movies. He made me watch Sivaji as well. This one...well, let's see I survived because of Harry Potter. I was almost at the end of the last book & used G's iPhone light to read the book in the theatre. I would've been stoned to death if I was doing this in Chennai. That's for sure.
The first half was over before I knew it. I enjoyed the comedy a lot. Rajni makes a good comedian. His innocence comes out. Specially the first Mariyatha electro-magnetic mode. It was sooooo funny.
But I just hated so many things.
-Ash was used as a doll. Well, when was the last time she wasn't? Not sure, honestly.
-The songs did not stick to my mind or heart or brain. I hadn't heard it even once before watching the movie. And I don't plan on listening to it again. So, it is ot going to grow on they say for any Rahman song.
-Truly, I do not know the purpose of this movie. Hollywood movies are released in Chennai. Some of them are good & loads of folks go watch it. Why create another cheap T3? It so remminded me of Rise of the Machines.
-Having said that, our strong point is story & emotion(loads of movies to prove). But I do not expect such a movie from Shankar. So.
-When Sujatha's "En iniya Enthira" came out on TV, I think it created a craze. I remember watching it too. And I think I liked it. But not a full fledge rajni-like Robot.
There was some paper throwing, lots of whistling & yelling from some guys that G called as "bachelors". I don't know who they are, but they sure gave us a feel of Chennai.
I am biased. I have paranoia watching hit movies. And I am horrible with science.
I did not expect the movie to touch my heart, so I am not disappointed. I left the movie, or rather the movie left me at the theatre itself. Which is good.
I know I have quite a few companions here, but I have antagonized a huge majority. But really, just because it is rajni & just because it is screened for 2 shows, parents, you really did not have to bring kids in strollers into the theatre. I am sure you did not expect a lullaby inside.
It felt horrible to see all the toddlers/kids so sleepy having missed their afternoon nap.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

A letter

Dated: Oct 1st 2010
Dear Self,
The world is just so immensely beautiful. The sky is beautiful. Today, just a couple of minutes ago, I was out, looking at the night sky. The moon had not yet risen. But the sky was lit by billions of diamond-like stars. It was a perfect analogy to sing “Twinkle Twinkle” to S out by the picnic table as she fell asleep on me.
I am at Hay River, NWT, Canada. Above the 60th parallel. About 500 odd km S of the Arctic Ocean.
From where I sat, one of the long stretches of the beaches at Great Slave Lake, all alone, if I looked up, I had a 365 degree view. But my extended peripheral vision was a good 180 degrees only. Inspite of that, I counted…I saw 23 shooting stars. At that instant, I realized there were millions more shooting themselves out.
It was so still. OK. There were dogs howling that made me think of wolves, for an instant. But still, it was still. Everything. Including me. I did not exist. I just witnessed. Life is happening at this very instant. Life & Death, in a way. I was overcome by so much stillness that I was able to notice so many minute things. I saw many things moving. I don’t know if they were stars or planes(most not likely). I am not hallucinating. I saw them. But I did not know what they were or how they did that. I did not want to know.
Usually, I am the kind who loves to look at the stars from behind a telescope. I might eventually get one. But today, it is one of those days. I saw many stars forming various different shapes. I did not bother to know which is what. I just sat there, looking up, until I had a stiff neck.
I was not hunting for the Aurora tonight. I was not sleepy. It was dark. I was not scared. I was not hoping to do something specific. I was just there. And I did not plan on making any of the above happen.
I am at least 1500km from what I call as ‘home’. But tonight, I feel at home. Here, in this boreal forest, I am at home. As strange as that may sound. ☺

Why did I want to write a letter to myself?
I was alone in that darkness for something that felt like eternity. I was so overwhelmed. I thought, “Wish Appa was here!” for a while(I learnt my astronomy basics from him). Maybe I wished for a couple other people to be there with me. But, in reality, only I was there. Just myself. I want to share this immense beauty lest I forget it. It is very easy to get lost in small things in everyday life. :)