Friday, March 30, 2007

I plead guilty

Check the news link. This was today's highlight!
"People in the US use the road more than anywhere else in the world." That's no news.
As a frequent roadtripper, I cannot help feeling guilty about the increase. Why?
We hit the road often & contribute to the increasing demand.
Every time I see the smog layer when I drive, it kills me. All of this is not going to last very long. Yeah, that's what I feel.

California, in all of US ranks high in gasoline prices(that's not news).

"California is also isolated from other refining centers in the United States. Because most of California is designated by the federal government as an air quality "non-attainment" area, our gasoline must meet stringent air quality requirements to burn cleanly to protect public health and the environment."

Though, I really doubt if we would stop(or reduce) our trips due to the increase in gas prices, I do plead guilty. The least I can do!

(God! Bring the gas prices down. Or even better, bring out an alternate natural fuel. Help me stop feeling guilty :-|| )

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Oh, no no

I just noticed that I've been mentioning hubby a lot lately.
At one time, it gave me a feeling that I was picturing him like a lazy, crazy guy.
Not to be mistaken, please.
Hubby dubby is a very sweet guy who cares a heaven lot about me.
These are just everyday's blabbering :-)

History repeats

10 years ago...why 10, until the day I got married, Amma was constantly behind my back telling me to do my things on time, never postpone, keep things in their places, brush your teeth twice a day, don't rush to work, call before you leave work, close after you open anything in the me, the list is endless. "Amma, give me a break"!

I never really thought too much about it, though I should agree that I was getting better with age :-)
I wouldn't call it nagging. If I didn't do anything properly, she would tell it again & again & finally end up doing it herself.

Ana, ippo, I am at the giving side. I am telling my hubby to do things on time, to keep stuff in the right places etc. How different am I from Amma? Well, I nag!!!
Now, I understand how much it means to keep things in place & watch less TV.
I wonder now, how Amma managed to tell me & not nag even once! Guess, its a fine line(or not!).

I better watch what I am doing from now on. I am going to get it back from the next generation! At least Amma will make sure she tells what all I did :-(
In any case, I won't be surprised if my kid or any other kid comes to me & says, "nee chinna vayasula unoda amma pecha ketiya? na en kekanum?"
I don't have an answer now. But will have to work on getting one(something in the "na thaan kekala, ipdi ayiten; neeyavathu kelu" version) before I have a kid.
As they say, "pollatha olagamada".

Entertainment box?

Television has changed a child from an irresistible force to an immovable object. ~Author Unknown

Everytime me & hubby watch a movie, we end up feeling guilty for having wasted time & assume & assure one another that this will not happen again. But when there is a dvd on the shelf, we just watch it, again. Hubby calls it relaxation. Relaxation from me!!!
We generally start watching a movie together, but he gets so into the TV/movie that he needs a relaxation from that. I've rarely seen him work with that much focus.

One thing I understand is, it is addictive & you end up spending way more time than you have.
But we do it, all the same.
Guess, its one of the necessary evils! And yeah! Men watch more TV than women. I have a living proof at home :-|

A general blah blah post!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

to live now...

...I seldom seem to do :-(
I worked so hard for my piano test today. As always, I got nervous & missed a note here & there while playing. Well! My prof sure seems to have experience with such people. He could understand :-)
Was a little overjoyed when I knew my marks. For how long? Until he told us the date of the next performance test, a little over a month away! Darn. I will have to start working on 6 new songs.
Now, I think. I could not enjoy or relish one moment of my victory, huh? What a pity!

Its good to plan, but not to the extent where I live in the future & not the present!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

how do I write that I feel like crying?

If you are a Harry Potter fan, I warn you: Do not read any further!

I've been a little behind & was eager to catch up with Harry Potter's series. Order of the Phoenix was not heavy only by size, also by contents.

Ok, now I am revealing the suspense!!! I can't take it anymore. My head it breaking into pieces already.
Sirius gets killed :-(

This came as much a shock to me as Harry himself.

Probably because of this, I did not like the book very much. So, I borrowed "half-blood prince" from the library thinking this cannot give me a worser news than the previous one.
Alas! it did!
Dumbledore gets killed in this one :-(((

I've been way to upset to do anything today.

What next? Maybe as my husband says, probably Rowling will kill Potter in her final book. ugh!
The issue here is, I hate what is happening in book now. But cannot stop reading. I've got to know how it ends. Would definitely read "Deathly hallows". Until then, will manage with as much sleep I get, huh.

If by any chance I broke a suspense you were not aware of, what can I say? I warned you, didn't I? And yeah, I did not give who killed him. As if it mattered!


Being a hiker for a while, I've had the opportunity to come across some mighty animals like grasshoppers, spiders, bees & slugs. Of all of these, slugs, specially, banana slug makes me feel "yucky". Well! That's my problem, isn't it. I have looked down on these creatures on the trail & have wondered "why".
Well, turns out, as all other creatures, they hold an important job!
Never in my wildest dreams would I google for a "banana slug"! Apparently, in reality, I did :-(
But seriously, considering their size & speed, they have a very important job & they do it every minute of every day.

Next time I see one on a trail, I might not lift my hat, but at least hang around to see what it actually does.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Trial & error?

My first try at Panning during our last road trip. On I5 S.
Panning is not as easy as it sounds. Exposure is a major issue.
It is not easy to move your camera as much as you think :-(
Who the hell found this technique??? grrrr

Karadaya nombu

Karadaya Nombu falls on March 14th this year. It is celebrated by married women in various names in different part of India; Karva Chauth by people in North India & Teejri by Sindhis.
Though called by various names, the essence of the pooja is common: husbands welfare & long life.

People may consider this as a chauvinistic attitude(there are very few poojas done by husbands for the wife's welfare). But I well agree with the above-obvious explanation:

"While the husband's well being is considered central to the happiness of the family, it is the wife who plays the critical role behind the scenes, caring, nurturing and praying for them. These rituals recognize the strength of the woman and her inner commitment to family and happiness for ever after."

Thursday, March 08, 2007


A lot has been happening in the past week. Surprisingly, no time to even think what is going on!
I've been meeting up with a lot of people over the past week & still finding less time to meet the others. All of a sudden 24 hours seem not so sufficient. No time to even feel tired.
It is definitely nice to catch up with old friends, but, I've not been having time for myself lately. And my classes don't help, though I personally relish them!
It is like I've been caught up in a whirlpool pulling me down & down.

Sometimes you meet people & just want to listen to them. Don't talk, just listen. I met a friend last night after a long time who made me laugh my heart out.

It was just a tiring "last 7 days" & yesterday was fun!

Thanks Anu. You haven't changed a bit. Loved meeting up with you. Keep brightening everyone's day!