Monday, July 26, 2010

Many Lives Many Masters

Definitely not "just another" book. I cannot call it inspirational but would willingly agree to say "life transforming"(to say the least). But it can shake you completely if you will.
While reading the book, I cannot deny, I started to believe what was being told, at least a part of it, but now, as I sit and write, I am...confused. All the more. And as I know, confusion is good. Better than a conclusion.
A friend mentioned that she read this book as she would her Ph.D thesis.
The book belongs to the same genre as the one I read earlier, but it goes a level higher with scientific proof. ie., if you consider Psychiatry as science.
It is very easy to dismiss the content of this book as illogical(even with the scientific proof) because the content is such.

"A life cannot be rushed, cannot be worked on a schedule as so many people want it to be. We must accept what comes to us at a given time, not ask for more. But life is endless, so we never die; we were never really born. We just pass through different phases. There is no end. Humans have many dimensions. But time is not as we see time, but rather in lessons that are learned."

This book, like the previous one I read, also talks about everything being energy. Will I be able to eventually grasp what this mystic is telling? Or maybe it cannot be told. I am becoming a big I DO NOT KNOW. And that is okay with me. :)

The author.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Code Name God

I came across this book through a friend. The name sounded interesting & hence reserved a copy at the library. I had no idea what this book is about & did not bother doing research either.
Only when I had the book in my hand did I know it was about Quantum physics. :)
The author, Mani Bhaumik, the brains behind the LASIK invention writes about his poverty-stricken life in India & his journey of getting out of that "black hole".
He successfully managed to become one of the millionaires of Los Angeles. But.
That was not enough. That did not mean anything. The book is about his journey inward. It was a page-turner to say the least.

And now about Quantum physics. I've heard Sadhguru speak about science. But never really thought it significant enough to look it up & verify his quote. Science on some level, never really mattered to me. But Mani speaks of Quantum physics & the presence of energy, only makes me smile. I do not believe anything. I do not not-believe anything. That's all I can do when things go above my head. And I truly doubt if it would make a difference to me if Science says something different from Yoga.

On a side note, I totally cherished Mani's thoughts on Gandhi. As a kid, when I did not believe in non-violence, I really wondered what this man did to get us freedom.
I cherish Mani's words, "Gandhi is not a human. Gandhi is the spirit/energy that longs for peace/freedom for ever"...(something in that context).
Now that I am making efforts to learn about this man's life, I also realize how easily we keep him up on a pedestal & make him a great man. I think he would be happier if one of us followed what he lived his life for.

Trust is very different from belief & I hope some people could understand this.
In all, a good book. Loved it.