Tuesday, May 24, 2011

BSP happened

with a BANG. I am completely blown over. And the party of life has begun!
The intensity of just 3 days was way more than the total intensity of my entire life.
The whole world seems like a whole new place. And I feel so privileged to be a part of this.
Every person I see seems to be a part of me & I feel like I am a part of every single thing around me. It feels strangely wonderful.
When it comes to Isha, I am always at a loss for words because what I experience is way beyond than words can express.
The ashram, Mahima, the residents, the volunteers, the food, the work - everything is powerfully humbling. Every moment of everyday, whatever happens there & the impact of what is happening there is just too much to even comprehend.
The volunteers, how many ever times I look at them, just the way they are, the way they served us food, the very willingness of how much they want to be a part of making this happen to participants like me is overwhelming.

BSP was different. Very different from any program I've attended even with Isha, but the constant outcome is the same. Transformation!!! BSP has changed the very way I am. The way I look at things. In all ways, I can call it rebirth. I lost a lot of rubbish that was weighing me down, knowingly & unknowingly.

Duh me. But Sadhguru is a huge possibility & I so hope humanity could make use of this man.
Many people who have tried to express their experience of BSP, I've seen them in tears. If they ever manage to say something, all they say is that they cannot express it in words. Well, I am no different.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I am blessed to have the opportunity to meet some wonderful people everyday. When I take S to classes. Those people don't work. The work they do cannot be done if they have no passion in what they do.
So, I often have inspiring talks with some of them to hear their experiences from over the years. Each of them have been dealing with children all their lives. Their stories are...dramatically inspiring, to say the least.
One was a case worker in the North-really North, where the temperature dips to -40C when the Sun never shows up(& those are many days). It was disheartening to know they would need a Children case worker in such areas. The enlightening information I received through him was that the natives, unlike I expected, are abused by drugs. They load themselves with alcohol heavily & constantly force their children(some as young as 3 years) to drink as well. Why? was my first question. The answer was disgusting to say the least. Apparently, the government pays them to live there in the reserves & they don't need to work to earn a living. Worse news is the more people in the family, the more their income. So, lack of work & free money is making people ruin their own lives. All the kids are physically abused & are more than happy to run away to other places. Not to mention I was disturbed for a long time after hearing this.
Recently, I had a conversation with their Director, who goes into the heart of Manitoba(to where the Polar Bears roam, actually) to train kids find their talent, or to give them some support at the least. She makes this trip every year & every time her heart pounds. She never knows how she will be treated, if she will even come back alive. She told me that it feels like walking into a lion's den...every single time. I had tears in my eyes just listening to her. Her stories were similar to the ones I'd heard earlier. But my heart hadn't hardened just yet. In spite of all this, she ended saying that every time she comes back home, she feels grateful for her life. And this, my dear is a 2 time cancer survivor. She is by far the most realized being I've ever seen.
Every time I walk in to the class with S, I don't know what I'll encounter. Just wait to get enlightened, which hasn't failed to happen almost every single time. I am grateful for my experiences thus far. There is more to this land than that meets the eye.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

A precious weekend

Point Reyes. Pacific coast. The famous 101. Golden Gate. San Francisco skyline. The sequence of what I saw as I landed into this country. Familiarity. Smile. I know places like the back of my head and it sure felt like home. Home for 7 wonderful years. Even in my wildest dreams I did not think I would find myself in SFO and someone would pick me up. It seemed surreal. Too good even for a story. I am probably creating drama, but this city brought back memories.

Sadhguru's Shambhavi Program & Yantra consecrations! I did not think what I'd receive being here. I just came. I could not be anywhere else. And what I have received is more than I even realize right now. Just being in such a space, doing what I could do, in the most efficient way possible that there is no me anymore. That is the best part of being a Volunteer. Each of us do everything possible to make this happen for others, WILLINGLY. There is really no difference between me & others. We all become one with one single focus.

And the Devi! I am not a Devi person. Never! But this Devi is something. She brought love, grace & tears to someone like me. She is no God. Something more, if that is possible. She seems real. The chants are going on inside me even now.

What a huge possibility a weekend can be! I was left tired, sleepless & exhausted. But fulfilled. As fulfilled as I've ever known.