Thursday, March 04, 2010

To G!

For a while now, G has been telling me that my blog has become an Isha blog. Isha has affected us as a family in such a deep way that I cannot help notice the changes.

But as I went for my usual walk with S today, I just realized how much we had grown together as people. Being the cashewnut that I am, it helps having a level-headed person such as G around with me all the time. G is never biased. He never cares what I think of what he says. He just says what he feels is right. And I should say that he has made me rethink many decisions.
It is not our anniversary, nor G's birthday. But I felt so strongly about him today. The past couple of days, he has been so patient with me, just being there. He probably would not have understood anything, but he was there, supporting me. It meant a lot, then & now. Over the span of our six years together, he has come to be one of my trust-worthy friends. Even if I know he would not agree to what I did, I have the need to share with him. I feel him as a part of me.
I would not trade what I have now for anything else in this world. G & S are my wealth.
Thank you G. I am so glad I share my life with you. At least our horoscopes were not horrorscopes.
ps: I am sure G will blush after reading this & come home to ask me all the details that made me write this about him. Sorry G, this is all I have to say! :-)