Saturday, December 31, 2011

Winding up, Looking forward

2011 was not just another year. Some beautiful things happened.
Visited Bay area, attended powerful programs, saw the Devi, ecstatic after a friend's visit, made new commitments, drove to Alaska, enjoying a pleasant winter, and now gearing up for an experience-of-a-lifetime early next year.
Could not have asked for anything better;
Grateful for each lesson learnt;

Looking forward to THE trip to India. It feels like home. Always!
I can't wait to smell the air,...people....look awed at all the new changes as we drive out...mmm...

Lots of adventure - me alone with S for over 24 hrs!!!
Lots of shopping
Lots of meeting & greeting
Lots of yummy food
A visit to the beach, hopefully :)
Staying awake a whole night
And LOTS of meditation!!!

2012...Can't wait.
I am all yours!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I read Sadhguru's article recently here.

While I dramatically make big issues about receiving, this man shows it on my face that I am receiving in more ways than I know. And now I realize that blatant truth.
It took me a day to shake the shock out of me & face reality.
It seems so natural(& mechanical) to think so many times about receiving something from someone. I think about repaying it someway/somehow until I actually do so.

Life is not about ethics or morals like I've been taught growing up. It seems much simpler than that. As a kid, this seems simple. But after all the complexities I am caught up with, it is an eon in itself to carefully "unlearn" everything I learnt so carelessly.
Sometimes, when I am caught up with, "Oh, how do I teach her(S)how to handle this? How do I teach her how to share? How do I change her attitude to these things?", I catch myself settle & realize that I need to just let her be herself instead of pushing my garbage into her growth. It is the most important lesson I have to learn.
Learning is easier than unlearning!!!

A movie I saw few years ago, shook me to this same extent.

I don't know the ultimate truth behind both. I don't know how the Universe functions. I don't know how I function. I don't even know if I wish I knew it all.