Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Ishana, Delhi Airport

My last few hours in India. At the very famous Delhi T3. S asleep. I was dead exhausted physically, from carrying around a sleeping girl through immigration and security. Added to it was the fact that the flight departed at 3.00 am. I would've gladly accepted a "grumpy" label. G took a walk to refresh himself while I settled to slumber on the floor below S(lying on a sofa). He returned back & asked me to go around so I try to open my eyes in time for departure. He asked me to take a good 1 hr. But I promised him I will be back in 20 min.
I planned to look around the airport, as it truly seemed to be the best Indian airport I have seen thus far(the only other is Chennai, which doesn't technically count as an International airport per say).
As I continued looking on, my eyes seemed to give up on me. And then I saw it. 

india. explore. ishana

OMG! How did I not remember? er, how did I forget in the first place?
Bells rang in my ears. Isha...Theerthkund...

That was all I needed. One big smile adorned my face as I walked in.
It truly is a space. All I needed was a dip in the healing pool. And I headed right there. You can't take a dip. So, made do with just my feet in. And it did what it mentioned it would. Once I felt awake(ned) :), a yogi-looking-guy came in and asked if he could play the flute. He was a musician. The management allowed. So, as I sat awakened in the pool, I close my eyes gratefully to some soulful music.
I thought it should've been more than 20 min. So, decided to check the store out(just a little) before heading out. It turned out to be more than 1 hr. A wonderful space. Truly! I had to remind myself that I was in an airport in India. I was transported to another world. Rather, the whole world seemed to have come into this space.
I ended up buying goodies, gifted myself to a complimentary mehendi & walked around. And around. And around. 
I came out refreshed. 
Reached out to G, "This is the best airport, ever." 
G promptly retorted, "you were just in one shop". 
A sheepish grin.

Ishana was a perfect culmination to my life-changing experience in India. 
Definitely will not reconsider a 3.00 am flight out of Delhi.


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