Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Calgary and most of the West is under a Winter Spell. It has been -20C for the last 1 week. Not so much snow, but the cold really gets to the bones unless you are dressed appropriately. It feels like Christmas already. All the evergreens are adorned with brilliant white snow. Just beautiful!
S says it is cold. She says, "winter is here". But no complains so far. I feel so gratified, though she is probably too young to complain. She loves to go out however be the weather outside.
The temperature read positive today(just on the border) & it feels so warm. Relatively.
I am amazed how I underestimate my tolerance limit. From "how are people surviving in that cold" to "It's not too bad", I feel like laughing at my own deceptive mind.
So, there is my first winter snowstorm & I survived gracefully. Will wait for the chinooks now. :)

I have been smiling at the snow for reasons unlimited. I am known to complain about the heat & now I learnt my lesson. Next summer will be warmly welcomed.
Though it seems oblivious, I seem to thank the man-made invention called "heater". The weather is probably making me philosophical, but I am thinking of the "bare necessities" for now. I sure have way more than I need. And I feel truly grateful.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gandhi-the man & the movie

I think I have mentioned this earlier. But I was never a big fan of this man, thanks to my limited knowledge. I always believed that violence was an answer. But, today, when I heard this man say, "An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind" I truly hope I got the meaning behind his words. What powerful words & what noble intentions!!!! I dare not say so. By saying so, we can put him somewhere high up & continue to do our nonsenses. Today, the world is in such a state that each & every person should think like him. Maybe not totally. Extending out to the whole nation or the entire world may seem as a Mahatman...but we can surely extend our current periphery.
This man went on a fast-unto-death until the Hindu Muslim fight stopped. What will he do in today's world?
One Gandhi managed to get us freedom. But how many more do we need to sustain this independence?
I did not go "Boo Boo Pakistan" nor "Hurray India". Finally I have grown up, I think!
This movie, Gandhi, should not be played just on Gandhi Jayanthi(I hope they play it at least once a year). It should ring bells in our hearts every day. So much awareness. This man only did what was absolutely needed...his whole life.
I managed to listen to the interview by Richard Attenborough(Director) & it was painful to hear him say that they encountered problems shooting this film as no one wanted a foreigner to play Gandhi. I will join the millions in saying Ben Kingsley did more than he could in being Gandhi.
Reserved a copy of Gandhi-the book by Louis Fischer, which motivated this movie, apparently.

Monday, November 01, 2010

A joke

A recent joke G told me. :)

What do you call someone who talks only one language?
A: An American.