Thursday, May 31, 2007

Passion of the Christ

I am from a Catholic school & I more or less know the life of Jesus. I've never watched "The ten commandments" during Good Friday or Easter back in India.
I can be unpredictable when it comes to such movies. I happened to pick this dvd from the library last week. Wondering how easily I got hold of such a hard-to-get movie, I later realized that it was the Hebrew version. I would not have understood head or tail of it but for the subtitles.
It started slow, but I got into it soon enough, probably because, I knew bits & pieces of the story already. On the other hand, the movie put my hubby to sleep after mentioning that I like & watch all "saamy padams" :-)
No doubt, the movie was gross & grueling when it came to showing the torture on Jesus. I would gladly throw up on some of those scenes ie., when the Jew soldiers fit a thorned fence on his head, the prior torture scene beating him until the very last crucification. No one deserves such torture for doing nothing but good.
Again, like the most-talked-about Da Vinci Code being fictitious, I don't know how much of this is truth. I did read a lot of reviews stating that the movie had a catholic influence(the importance/presence of Mary all through the film) from its writer/producer Mel Gibson. Mary Magdalene was also shown all though the film!!!!

I am very much human & the movie made me hate the character of Judas even more for cheating on Jesus.
Here are some of the movie trivia. And yeah! James Caviezel was "the" man to be Jesus.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Most popular hike

We planned to stay back home for Memorial day weekend. A local hike found its way one day!
Dipsea trail from Muir Woods to Stinson Beach.
RT 10 miles.
Photos from the hike:

Monday, May 21, 2007


The time to be happy is now
The place to be happy is here
And the way to be happy
is to make someone happy....

This old song from school just flashed my mind :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007


A poem I came across for Mother's day written by a mother.

"I love you" - Carl Sandburg
I sit here quietly
Watching them while they sleep
I wonder
And my heart is torn
How my love for them
Grew so strong
That I feel breathless
It sometimes even hurts
Yet I am never tired
Of watching their little faces
As they sleep.

I can see
That they are running
In their dreams
Their legs move
Back and forth...
Are they on a beach?
Or in green grass fields?
So what if when I am tired
They ruin the room again
Are they not the reasons
Which makes me forget every pain
Oh Lord! Tell me
How possibly could I live?
Before I was a mother
I never knew this bliss.

Be thoughtful for your mom always and treat your mother like a princess everyday. That can be the most wonderful gift to your mom.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Good Samaritan

I have my own reservations about Walmart & their products. I shop selectively though. For a minute, I thought differently.
Last saturday, I had to be somewhere & I was late. Only when I entered the car, did I realize I did not have my purse, which had my license(& credit cards & SSN card & Costco card & ATM card & a couple of blank checks)!
I had to be somewhere. So, sweet hubby brought along some books(to read while I was gone) to give me a ride, wait there a couple hours before he could pick me up. :-)
Half way, I realized I could not concentrate there when I had lost my purse. So, made a U turn home & check & re-check where all I had been. Ran a flash back & soon realized Walmart was my last stop. So, called them. The lady at 'lost & found' was on a break. I was asked to call back in an hour.
Knowing my nature, hubby offered to drive there & check out personally, thinking we may give better information about where I 'might' have left it.
I've had prior bad experiences where what I had lost was never found. Having full faith in my ill- luck, I checked what had to be done to get news cards.
We checked with Customer Service at Walmart(personally). She called in to the correct person & thankfully she had come back. She said that she had a purse, but will come out to check if it was really mine. It must have been a moment, but it seemed like ages to me.
The minute the lady came out, she almost instantly said, "Its hers". Needless to say, how happy & relieved I was.
I thanked her & let God bless her a million times :-) For a while, I went around with my purse & thought of buying something there. I just suddenly had the feeling I owed Walmart something!

Well! pointing to the fact that I've never had someone return my lost items, you can imagine how happy, relieved & how much belief I started to have on people.

That person who had handed over the purse to Customer Service saved me so much trouble.
My husband just said, "When you lose, you never lose the lesson". I said, "Yeah. Not for a long time".

The End.


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Let them be

I am a control freak! Yeah. I like certain things to be done certain way & I push people(a little) to do it that way(a.k.a my way) & I give advice to others not to push their friends/kids. What a hypocrisy!

Well! I am not a bad person. I don't want people to do things my way just because I want them to follow my orders, but more because, I think I tend to trust others less than myself.

I like my vessels to be in their places, checks deposited on time, Mail-In-Rebates posted on time, clothes in place & worst of it all, I expect all of them to be done just as I am thinking of them, as in, NOW!!! I think that is where the problem is.*sigh*
If I place myself in other's shoes, I doubt if I can take my own wishes.

I strongly do not believe in New Year resolutions. If I decide not to do something, I will make an honest attempt not to do it.
So, here I am, making a conscious attempt to put this habit behind me.

I am going to still be clean; just planning to give the other person some time & space to do things. Else what? I can do it myself, with happiness.*yay*