Monday, August 30, 2010

Volunteering with Isha

I know what made me want to go to Florida(from Canada) to volunteer for the IE class.
With the IE online happening, there could be some time before this class happens again.
But I was not so sure after making reservations. After all, I took the class in San Francisco & I have family & friends there. It made so much sense to stay with someone whom I already knew.
But there I was sitting on a plane in Calgary. Absolutely pleasant & joyful for no apparent reason.
A series of fortunate events happened. IE happened. Again! And I am blown over. All over again. In a completely different way. And how so grateful I am!
Today is the last day of the class. I've been living in close association with so many volunteers.
SO many things happened. I can barely find words. So, I am not even going to try.
But I am noticing one difference distinctly. The past is no more. The future is not here yet. I am living in the now - No, not even today. Just this moment. I have sometimes tried to remember what happened yesterday. Surprisingly & fortunately, I am unable to. It may not last forever, but I am thankful for as long as it lasts.

Every Isha volunteer manages to touch me the same way. Being here, it seems like I've known these people for eternity. And its been 6 days so far.

I expected something drastic from this trip & this class. It has been quite a ride so far, thanks to a few people. :)
I was also stunned to see a 15 year old boy taking the class. I can only imagine how much his life would change.

It has been a bliss so far. So much gratitude. I bow down.
Thank you Florida volunteers.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

crossing boundaries

7.00 am. I am sitting on a plane. Alone. I look behind. Calgary downtown lit up by the morning Sun. And the Silhouette of the Rockies in the backdrop. I wonder. No. Conclude. There is no city that has a landscape like this. Well. I always considered San Francisco to have one of the best skylines too. That counts. And this too. :)
In a while I am airborne. Got a twist in the neck looking out of the window hoping to follow the Rockies. I probably followed until what seemed like Denver(beneath the clouds) & then all I know is we were 140 mi from Houston. This is the first time I am flying into IAH. And all I could think of was, "Houston, we have a problem". How dramatic!
Geography is important to me. So, I was (actually)hoping to find the border from 37000ft high up. Where Canada meets the US. But I couldn't. It all looked the same. Until Houston. But Houston was different. All of a sudden a busy airport. Too many people(Pardon me, no pun intended). And steak everywhere. It should be hard to survive in Houston. And the weather. What's with the 90F?
I was getting ready to taste the worse(or better?)

IAH. Comfortably closed myself to the situation & plugged into the iPod. Ah. My world.
The second flight. A little bumpy. We were crossing the Gulf of Mexico. The geo freak in me was looking hard for the oil spills. Hallucinations helped in identifying everything brown as oil. So stopped at that. Landed in Tampa. Rains! Not so bad. But the cats & dogs(er, the rain) reminds me of Calgary-(subtract)the cold. And the humidity.
Good to see the beach. And the pelicans. And a couple of bridges. A toll bridge. Strike of horror!
1. toll $1.00
2. Gas price $2.50/gallon. Sweet!
Add no state income tax. Wow. Will I settle here? Nah!
To Calgary! cheers.

Why am I here? Will follow. For now, enjoying the bliss of being here.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Front of the class

One of the best movies I've seen lately.
The movie is based on a book by the same name. It is based on the real life story of Brad Cohen who did not allow his Tourette's syndrome to win over him. He still lives in Atlanta, GA doing what he wanted to do all his life, Teach.
I had similar emotions when I watched the "kadavul ullame" song from Anbulla Rajinikanth long long ago.
More read about Tourette's syndrome here.

It is really wonderful to see how the 2nd grade class kids had no issues with their teacher's syndrome.
The movie gave lot to ponder about.
A wonderful watch.