Friday, April 23, 2010

Strings...of emotion

It is difficult to put in words what I am feeling. More & more truths surface! Another parallel universe seems to exist...or is this that one?

A yearning, to make myself useful. To grasp this entire world.
A burning desire to know what the heck am I? And what am I doing in this world?
There exists more love than is going around. A horrible feeling that poverty is obscene & I am a part of it as much as the people who are in it. It may seem silly, but by not doing anything significant to eradicate it, I am only being a part of it.
And there is no sense of modesty or humility associated. It is blatant truth.
As more truths come up, the more I realize that the truth was always there.

Dissolution of the I, making yourself a part of this world, the possibility of knowing thy self, everything that once seemed distant, illogical, unwanted, looks possible, within reach.
I can never forget my first Inner Engineering class or the subsequent classes I had the privilege of attending. If I had to thank some people for all of this, my thank you's would be endless.

P.S: I am not going insane or being philosophical. I know I am not. For those of you that may think that, please be assured. I am finer than I've ever been.


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